highlightsLooking to lighten things up a bit? Longing to have multiple gleaming shades of gold rippling through your hair? Whether you want to inject some brightness into dull strands or just want to know what options are out there, highlights are one of the easiest ways to upgrade your look. Not quite sure what highlights are, or how the process works? Clueless as to what type of highlights will enhance your skin tone? Don’t worry, because we’ve got the answers to all your questions and you’ll find everything you need to know about highlighted hair right here. From stylist-approved tips and tricks that explain the key differences between highlights and lowlights. There are a few things to consider before getting highlights.

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When you have hair that’s color damaged, dull, and impossible to tame, you may find yourself wondering if there’s a hair trb f shortWhen you have hair that’s color damaged, dull, and impossible to tame, you may find yourself wondering if there’s a hair treatment that can help your locks out. And a keratin hair treatment might be an option you consider. Are you thinking about trying a Brazilian keratin treatment? Not quite sure what it is? If so, you’ve come to the right place. First of all Keratin is not a straightening treatments. Nail are keratin in 95%; Hair is structured 90% keratin and 10% amino acids and sulphur chains. Whether you’re thinking of trying this popular treatment and need some expert advice or just want to know if it will work for your specific hair type, you’ll find everything you need to know is right here at Salon Soliel.

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 hair extensionsThere are three types of hair extensions: 1) Weave or sew-in Hair Extensions. Your natural hair is braided in rows from ear to ear and wefts of hair are woven with thread onto the braids. 2) Fusion or bonded Hair Extensions especially designed for great lengths. Individual Keratin-tipped strands are fused to your natural hair using heat. 3) Tape-in Hair Extensions. Wefts of hair are attached to small sections of your natural hair using double-sided tape. Finding the right extension method will depend on budget, preference, and hair type. While fusion and tape-in extensions can be used on just about any hair texture, weaves are best suited for curly, kinky hair.

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rodolfo mixedFirst of all, perform an honest hair check. What condition are your tresses in? “If your hair is too damaged, then we wouldn’t recommend a perm: “Your hair has to be in a good condition in order for the curl to come out pretty.“If you’ve highlighted or dyed your hair in the past month, you’ll want to give your hair some downtime before committing to a perm, since chemicals weaken the hair. (In fact, some stylists suggest that “virgin” or untreated hair hold perms best.)


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