hair extensionsThere are three types of hair extensions: 1) Weave or sew-in Hair Extensions. Your natural hair is braided in rows from ear to ear and wefts of hair are woven with thread onto the braids. 2) Fusion or bonded Hair Extensions especially designed for great lengths. Individual Keratin-tipped strands are fused to your natural hair using heat. 3) Tape-in Hair Extensions. Wefts of hair are attached to small sections of your natural hair using double-sided tape. Finding the right extension method will depend on budget, preference, and hair type. While fusion and tape-in extensions can be used on just about any hair texture, weaves are best suited for curly, kinky hair.

"Weaving extensions are best for African-American hair, which has enough strength and texture to hold the cornrow braid. Fusion extensions tend to be the most expensive and have the most time-consuming application process (up to three hours); they also last the longest (three to four months).